Stop Guessing! How to Know Precisely What's Happening Within Your Body.

A Simple, Integrative Approach for Sustained Energy and Mental Clarity, a Resilient Body, and Feeling Consistently Great.

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Discover The 3 Core Tenets of The PQS Method.

Designed for health-conscious entrepreneurs and driven professionals whose health is affecting their productivity, focus, confidence, and stress levels at work and home.

What you will find inside...

  • The specific framework you need to audit your health better than the professionals.
  • The tools and testing that allows you to SEE what is going on within your body (instead of guessing).
  • The specific steps you must take to get consistent and sustainable results.
  • Real life case studies of past clients including the advanced labs we used.

"Since we’ve started working together, my life feels full again. I can eat a variety of good, whole foods that are high in fiber I never thought I’d be able to eat again without feeling sick. My digestion feels completely normal. I feel healthy, both mentally and physically, and in control of my health for the first time."

Emily YestonEmily YestonCEO Dore

"I’m 2 months in and have never felt better. Everything Jon does makes SO much sense and doesn’t box you in to strict ideologies like most diets/biohackers these days. I’m in the process of kicking 16 years of heartburn to the curb."

Jeremy ReevesJeremy ReevesCEO Peak Biome

"I’m down 13lbs after not seeing the scale move for six months. My energy is increasing. I feel clear and driven again. So, if you’re not feeling like you’re functioning at your optimal level I highly recommend having a convo with Jon."

Ben McLellanBen McLellanCEO Ethical Scaling

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