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My mission is simple:
to help you design the life you were meant to live.

  • Your life, on your terms.
  • No more going from doctor to doctor.
  • No more endless blogs and podcasts.
  • No more guessing.

Life is meant to be lived to the fullest and robust health is at the foundation of it all. When your health is less than optimal, everything is affected: your job, your relationships, your freedom. You no longer feel like you have control of your life.

And when you feel out of control of your life, you try to control everything. You become rigid, doubtful, and eventually fearful. You not only stop trusting other healthcare providers, you also stop trusting yourself. Even simple things like going out to dinner with friends or on a short vacation are big stressors.

There is a way out, and I will show you how.

I am here to help you regain control of your life by helping you finally resolve your chronic health issues. I do this through a one-of-a-kind functional medicine framework called the Balance Protocol.

Through this framework, we determine your individual biochemical imbalances as well as your unique needs through advanced laboratory testing. We then correct THE RIGHT THINGS, IN THE RIGHT ORDER.

This is not some cookie-cutter approach.

This is not some quick-fix keto or fasting-mimicking diet. You will not be loaded up on supplements or told to go to 5 different specialists.

It’s just you and me, working closely together, helping you to get to the bottom of your health issues and showing you how to optimize every aspect of your health so that your body can begin to heal.

Are you FINALLY ready to live life full out?

Are you ready to start REALLY living?

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